The Shankar Nag Theatre Award

The Shankar Nag Theatre Award

“Shankar Nag was the ideal “rangakarmi,” a supremely talented and equally tireless ‘worker for theatre.’ He had the capacity to direct, act, write and, most of all, to gather people around him to dream with him.” – Arundhati Nag

Instituted on 9 Nov ’14 to commemorate Shankar Nag’s 60th birthday, The Shankar Nag Award is presented to a young theatre maker who embodies service to theatre. The award is given awayon the last day of the annual Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival.

The awards so far have gone to: (on click, the following should be displayed – the citation, pics from the award ceremony)

2014 – Abhishek Majumdar

2015 – Mohit Takalkar

2016 – Quasar Thakore Padamsee

2017 – Anurupa Roy