2017- Theatre Real

 After showcasing plays from across the country in a variety of theme based annual festivals over the last 12 years, showcasing Shakespeare to Karnad, Political to Company Theatre, from Metros to Not-the-Metros, this year Ranga Shankara has decided to zero in on plays based on real incidents or on real life sketches.

 “Theatre is said to hold a mirror to nature. It ‘imitates’ life. So what we see on stage is invariably a part of our own life. But sometimes, theatre extends beyond this mirror image of nature that we see on the stage. It takes ownership of analysing an incident or personality and question them. More than a dozen plays that have been brought on stage on the life and times of Gandhi are just a few examples. Many historical incidents have also been questioned, re-narrated with a modern point of view, thus bringing another dimension to the incident. This year’s festival showcases plays that are based on real life incidents or on real people.“

– Surendranath

Artistic Director

Ranga Shankara