2016 – Not The Metros

Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2016―‘Not the Metros’

After showcasing plays from across the country in a variety of theme based annual festivals over the last 11 years, from Shakespeare to Karnad, Political to Company Theatre, this year, Ranga Shankara decided to zero in on plays from the “B” and “C” cities. We call them Not the Metros.
There is a huge cauldron of possibilities and aspirations locked up in what we all perceive as the “B” and other cities of India. The communities here are still connected to their cultural backyards and aspire to achieve or acquire the developmental benefits, facilities and opportunities that abound in the Metros.
As India forges ahead in the quest to encash its demographic dividends, something vital is ticking away in the hearts and pulse of the creative communities in its cities and towns.
The “B” town or city is typically meted out the step sisterly treatment in allocations for all the above. This of course becomes the main reason for the constant migration of youth and in times of natural disasters like floods or draught, poor farmers piling up to become the faceless marginalized labour force of the metropolis.
There are stories of success and nightmares of failure with every arrival into a Metro and departure from a town or city.
The Ranga Shankara “Not The Metro” Festival 2016 seeks to look for the creative impulses and hear the resonances that emanate from these points of arrival and departure, achievement and helplessness reflected in the theatre created in the areas we have called ‘Not The Metros’. We are sure there is much to see, hear and learn.