Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara is Theatre Alive!

Ranga Shankara is the definitive space for quality theatre in Bangalore.  Since it opened it doors in October 2004, Ranga Shankara has developed into one of the nerve centres of theatre in India. More than just a performance space, Ranga Shankara is a dynamic cultural institution dedicated to theatre and theatre arts. It showcases performances from India and abroad, produces and commissions new and innovative theatrical productions, and creates outreach programmes and workshops to impart theatre skills and nurture a love of theatre and the arts in general.

We believe that theatre should be accessible to everyone. We keep our rentals low, making our space affordable to theatre makers. In turn, they keep their ticket prices low, making theatre going affordable to audiences. Ranga Shankara has dramatically changed the way theatre is performed and viewed in Bangalore. At Ranga Shankara, all performances are ticketed and open to the public.

More than “A Play A Day” means we have over 400 performances a year in languages from across the city, across the country and across the world. Scores of theatre groups have taken birth in the city thanks to Ranga Shankara and watching theatre has become a habit for a large cross-section of the society. The monthly calendar at Ranga Shankara ensures that there is something for every theatre enthusiast. Catering to the signature cosmopolitan nature of Bangalore and the diversity of languages and age groups are the most enjoyable challenges we at Ranga Shankara and the troupes take on.

Our theatre festivals, the annual Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, AHA! International Theatre Festival for Children, the biennial “EQUAL –  Voices for a Common Humanity”,the annual festival of plays by young directors, etc., are carefully curated and present productions in different genres, styles and languages. Not only do these celebrations bring diverse theatre communities together, they are also a wonderful opportunity for audiences to expand their idea and experience of theatre.