October 30 – Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is an adaptation of the book by George Orwell and the play by Nelson Bond.

Directed by Prashanth Nair ¦ Produced by Tahatto, Bengaluru
Language: English, Kannada, Hindi ¦ Duration: 90 minutes ¦ Suitable for 12 years and older

A biting satire about a fictional farm, where the animals revolt against their human owner & declare themselves a free state, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, was originally written as an allegory to the communist regime of USSR. But in the decades since, theatremakers & filmmakers have found uncanny & eerie resemblances of Animal Farm to various & diverse political & social systems in the present day. This version of Animal Farm, by Tahatto, directed by Prashanth Kumar Nair, stays faithful to the source material, but looks at it with the contexts available to us today. Created as an ensemble piece that What emerges is a dark comedy that strangely seems way too familiar to us than it should. Even cheeky references that seem like a nod to present-day happenings closer to home, were actually present in Orwell’s original work. Which begs the questions: has everything that’s happening today already happened before? Are we living in a cycle of things that keep repeating because we refuse to learn our lessons? Is absolute power so corrupt that it reduces every Utopian dream down to its most embarrassing form? Will we ever learn to be wary of that leader who… Oh well, nevermind.

About the Director: Prashanth Nair is a playwright from Bangalore and one of the founders of Tahatto. He has been writing plays for the past decade. His writing has been described as rich, sharp and cheeky, with a tone that’s engaging as well as deceptive. He was awarded the Hindu Playwright of the Year Award in 2012. With this new work, Remember Remember, Prashanth Nair’s writing has evolved to include poetry, storytelling & music in interesting, compelling ways.

Why this play?
Banned in 1991 in Kenya – because it shows leaders as corruptible (!?) However, the most cited instance though, is from 1986, when a production of Animal Farm was banned, at the global Theatre of Nations Festival, by persistent objections by Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia & Bulgaria.

Read more here – https://tinyurl.com/y9ccsn9e

About the Company: Founded in 2009, Tahatto is one of Bangalore’s most exciting English theatre companies. Tahatto believes in the power of collective experiences that occur between performers, artists & audiences. Their work has focussed on being original, contemporary, engaging, relevant and essentially urban. After 7 full-scale productions in a span of 9 years, Tahatto is slowly beginning to find its language & aesthetic – one that’s urban, layered and entertaining.