October 29 – Dohri Zindagi

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Dohri Zindagi is adapted from Vijaydaan Dehta’s short story of the same name.

Directed by Gurleen Judge ¦ Produced by Rahi Theatre, Mumbai
Language: Hindi, Marwadi ¦ Duration: 80 minutes ¦ Suitable for 16 years and older

When two miserly traders, living in two villages separated by a distance of 24 kilometres form a marriage pact between their unborn children, all seems well… that is until they both have daughters. Greed for dowry tempts one of the traders into declaring his daughter a boy. However on the night of the wedding his deception is revealed and this revelation will shake the foundations of morality, sexuality and society.

About the Director: Gurleen Judge is a Mumbai based theatre maker. She directs, does light design and also teaches drama to children and adults. She has directed two plays before directing Dohri Zindagi, including The two character play and Ammu and Rajalakshmi that opened at the NCPA Centrestage festival in 2015. Gurleen has been associated with Theatre Professionals Private Limited as a drama instructor for several years now. She works as a light designer with several productions including The boy who stopped smiling, Chuhal, Khwaab sa, James aur ek giant peach and others.

Why this play?
We opened the play in September 2016  at the Gender Bender festival, Bangalore. Now we have completed 34 shows across India and we have had to censor and edit scenes several times on the requests and demands of the hosts. After our show in Meerut, in October 2017, an FIR was lodged against us in the S.P.’s office. The complainants were members of Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini. Malicious articles were written in Amar Ujala for five consecutive days after the show. In Bhopal, Borunda and Belgaum we were asked to censor scenes from the play. In Prithvi theatre we were told that we would be given a slot only if we censored two scenes from the play.. Once we gave in to the censoring, we were given a slot. After our shows in Bhopal and Meerut, some people posted negative comments and trolled us on Facebook. Unfortunately, they have removed the comments now.

About the Company: Rahi theatre was formed in 2016 by Neha Singh and Dhruv Lohumi to bring to stage rare and unheard stories from our own rich Indian culture, with a focus on stories of women, caste and religion based minorities and other unsung heroes. Dohri Zindagi was our first production which received the Gender-Bender grant by Sandbox Collective. The play has performed 35 shows in eighteen cities across India. Jhalkari is our second production. We use Indian art forms like Kawad, Nautanki, folk music, different dialects and martial arts in our plays.