November 4 – Rakshas

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Rakshas is an adaptation of Yevgeny Schwartz’s The Dragon

Directed by Bikram Ghosh ¦ Produced by The Tadpole Repertory, New Delhi
Language: Hindi ¦ Duration: 85 minutes ¦ Suitable for 12 years and older

A wandering warrior arrives at a strange little town that has been under the monstrous rule of a rakshas for hundreds of years. When our self-proclaimed hero, Veera, takes it upon herself to free the townspeople by killing the monster, they hate the idea and ridicule her instead. With the odds stacked against her, our young hero prepares for a fantastic battle. Along the way, she finds trustworthy friends, magical weapons and love  – exactly what she expected to find on a hero’s journey – but will it be enough to save the day? 
Adapted from The Dragon, a play by Yevgeny Schwartz, Rakshas is a fairy tale populated by strange creatures and colourful personalities. It brings together fantasy, comedy, romance and satire to tell a story of a people trying to decide what their freedom is worth. As much a theatrical spectacle as it is a moral fable, it reflects upon what it takes to free yourself from the rakshas that lives within you. 

This project is supported by IFA under its Arts Practice Programme.

About the Director: MomoBikram Ghosh is an actor and director based in New Delhi. He is a founding member of Tadpole Repertory, and a coordinator of the Looking Glass Project, a workshop initiative for people of all ages focused on encouraging the practice of theatre as a means of recreation and healthy living. He is also a director and performer for NDLS, Tadpole’s ongoing comedy revue about life in Delhi and the NCR. His last few productions as an actor include Tadpole’s This Will Only Take Several Minutes and PlastiCity.

Why this play?
The play was suppressed after its debut performance at the Leningrad Comedy Theatre, St. Petersburg in 1944, at the Central Children’s Theatre in Moscow in that same year. Yevgeny Schwartz, the author claimed that the play was a satire on Nazi Germany, but critics in the Soviet Union identified the portrayal of totalitarianism in the play as a critique of Stalinist rule and forced the producers to withdraw the work.

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About the Company: Tadpole is a collective of theatre practitioners – actors, writers, directors, musicians and designers – based in New Delhi. Our practice has been to present original theatrical work – ‘original’ in terms of writing and devising – on subjects that we think are relevant and compelling to us and to contemporary audiences. Our approach to stagecraft seeks to rise above the limitations of independent theatre in the country, and to push its boundaries and conventions.
Our most recent productions include This Will Only Take Several Minutes made in collaboration with the theatre collective HANCHU-YUEI from Tokyo, Quicksand and PlastiCity, a play for toddlers and their parents.