The Schedule of Plays at the 15th Annual Ranga Shankara Festival is here!

The curatorial panel comprising of Ms. Arshia Sattar, Ms. Ekta Mittal and Mr. Arghya Lahiri went through 41 applications and arrived at a list of 8 plays.

The things they looked for were:

– Validity under the Festival mandate

– Fresh ideas that looked at the re-casting and re-imagining of the themes and/or stories of older texts in different contexts in a manner that would retain the essence of what the original play stood for

– An indication that – allowing for organic evolution of the ideas in the rehearsal room – the ideas outlined would and could reach their eventual fruition to make for a solid piece of theatre that would have a life beyond the Festival

– That the production would help to build, by its presence, a well-rounded Festival

Our deepest gratitude to all the teams who applied – for their effort, their ideas and their participation.
See you at Ranga Shankara!